The Secretariat

Zahra Asghar
Zahra Asghar - Secretary-General

Zahra Asghar ('20) is the Co-Secretary General for BUCS VII. She is a sophomore from Dubai, UAE concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience and International Relations with a focus on the Middle East. She has participated in MUN since her freshman year at high school and has participated in all aspects of the Brown University Model United Nations program. When she's not doing MUN, she can be found working as a research assistant to find ways that neuroscience can be used to improve education and psychosocial support for refugees (or napping). She looks forward to a wonderful BUCS VII.

Colette Bare
Colette Bare - Secretary-General

Colette Bare (‘19) is the Co-Secretary General for BUCS VII. A junior from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Colette studies biomedical engineering. Colette has been competing in Model UN since her freshman year of high school and loves Brown MUN - spending time as a delegate, Director General for BUSUN XXI, and working to make this BUCS the best yet. Outside of MUN, you can find Colette playing soccer with her intramural team, volunteering with the Society of Women Engineers, and doing research in a neuroengineering lab on campus. Colette enjoys spending her few spare moments running the hills of Providence and working on the New York Times Crossword puzzle. She can’t wait for BUCS 2018!

Jason Claman
Jason Claman - Under-Secretary-General

Jason Claman ('18) is the Under-Secretary-General for BUCS 2018. He studies Economics and Public Policy and is a proud New Jerseyan. When he is not busy with Model UN, Jason enjoys trying and photographing interesting foods, traveling the world, and being a coffee snob. He is also involved in the Alexander Hamilton Society and No Labels at Brown. In prior years, Jason has been a Chair at BUCS and a Crisis Manager at BUSUN, and has also competed on the Model UN circuit. Jason is sure that this will be the best BUCS yet, and looks forward to meeting everyone in March.

Nate Kublin
Nate Kublin - Director General

Nathaniel Kublin (‘20) is the Director General for BUCS 2018. He is a chemistry concentrator from Tucson, Arizona, where he began his MUN career as a junior in high school. Since coming to Brown, he has traveled to multiple conferences, in addition to serving as a director for BUCS 2017. When he is not studying orgo or doing MUN, as rare as it is, he enjoys writing comedy and watching Jeopardy.

Julia Bennani-Smires
Julia Bennani-Smires - Director of Outreach

Julia Bennani-Smires (’20) is the Director of Outreach for BUCS 2018. She is a sophomore from Casablanca, Morocco, hoping to double concentrate in History and Comparative Literature in French and Spanish. Julia has been involved with Model United Nations for six years, and served as Director at BUSUN 2016 and Crisis Staffer at BUCS 2017. In between travels to conferences with the Brown MUN team, Julia loves to discover new cultures, from her course on law in Ancient Greece to her love of reggaetón music. She is excited to welcome delegates to Brown for another brilliant session of BUCS.

Margaret Follett
Margaret Follett - Director of Decorum

Margaret Follett (’19) is excited to serve as the Director of Decorum for BUCS. Margaret is a junior concentrating in History and Computer Science. She hails from the tiny town of Boxborough, Massachusetts, for which she has a remarkable amount of town pride. Margaret served as the co-chair of the Generalitat of Catalonia in 2017, and is thrilled to return for another amazing conference. Outside of Model UN she volunteers for BruNotes, a musical outreach group to local public schools, and serves as an English tutor for Syrian refugees with the non-profit Paper Airplanes.

Alex Mukai
Alex Mukai - Director of Media

Alex Mukai (’20) is the Director of Media for BUCS 2017. Alex is a sophomore from Cape Elizabeth, Maine interested in concentrating in international relations. He has been an avid participant in MUN since his freshman year of high school, and has thoroughly enjoyed continuing his MUN experience while at Brown — chairing the Syrian National Council committee for last year’s BUSUN, staffing last year’s Korea committee at BUCS, and traveling to conferences with the Brown MUN team. Outside of MUN, Alex has written for the Brown Political Review, swims for the Brown club swim team, and actively participates in homeless outreach programs in the Providence area. He looks forward to interacting with the delegates and hopes to help make BUCS 2018 the most successful BUCS yet!