Meet the Secratariat

Ratna Patel

Ratna Patel


Ratna Patel (’21) is very excited to be one of the Secretary-Generals for BUCS IX! Ratna is currently concentrating in Neuroscience and plans to pursue a career in medicine. At Brown, Ratna has competed in conferences as part of Brown Model UN’s travel team, served as Director of Outreach for BUCS VIII, and chaired and directed for Brown’s high school conference (BUSUN), for which she is currently the Director of Media. Outside of Model UN, Ratna can be found swinging on the dance floor with the Brown Ballroom Dance Team, teaching neuroscience to high schoolers through the Brown Brain Bee, or finding new shows to enjoy on Netflix. Ratna studied abroad in Thailand for the Fall 2019 semester, and is pictured here admiring the mountain view on a trip to the town of Pai, Thailand.
Gina Sinclair

Gina Sinclair


Gina Sinclair (’22) is very honored and excited to be one of the Secretary-Generals for BUCS IX! Gina is from Seoul, South Korea and plans to concentrate in International Relations with a focus on East Asia. At Brown, Gina has been an active member of Brown MUN by serving as club Secretary in her freshman year, chairing a committee for BUSUN XXII, directing a committee for BUCS VIII, and serving as a crisis staffer for BUSUN XXIII. Outside of MUN, Gina is a member of Brown’s D1 varsity fencing team, copy edits for the Brown Political Review, and serves as secretary for the Korean International Students Association. Gina likes to pass time listening to opera podcasts and playing ukulele. Here, Gina is pictured during her summer study abroad in Madrid, Spain.

Mia Stone-Molloy


Mia Stone-Molloy (‘22) is excited to be the Director General for BUCS IX! She is majoring in Political Science and plans to go to law school. She has attended Model UN conferences, directed at BUSUN, and served as a crisis manager for BUCS. Outside of MUN, she is active on the debate team, participates in activism related to Brazilian politics, and enjoys writing. She is pictured here at her home in Los Angeles, California.

Isaiah Paik


Isaiah Paik (’22) is proud and honored to be a Co-Undersecretary General for BUCS IX. At Brown, Isaiah is studying Behavioral Decision Sciences, which is just a fancy name for Economics and Psychology, as well as learning Korean. while he isn’t sure what he’s going to be pursuing after college, he’s sure that some of you don’t know either so it’s okay. Isaiah has competed in College MUN conferences across the country as part of Brown’s Travel Team, and has staffed and crisis managed for three previous Brown MUN conferences. Outside of the classroom, the front room, and the back room, Isaiah spends his time competing in APDA debate tournaments, making synthesizer music, and eating sporadically and copiously. He’s pictured here attempting to look introspective in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

Shaun Kohli


Shaun Kohli (‘22) is one of your BUCS XII Undersecretaries General. Shaun hails from the great city of Buffalo, New York (home to the best team in the AFC east), and at Brown he is concentrating in Applied Math Biology. Shaun has been a member of Brown’s Model UN travel team for the past two years and has been involved with both BUSUN and BUCS in the past. In his free time, Shaun enjoys being absolutely sick at spikeball and doing the New York Times Crossword with friends. He is looking forward to some exciting Crisis situations and to see how you delegates respond to everything that’s thrown at you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to him at
Mandana Vakil

Mandana Vakil

Chief of Staff

Mandana Vakil (’21) is the Chief of Staff for BUCS IX! Mandana is double-concentrating in Economics and Public Policy and plans to go on to graduate school for an Economics PhD. Mandana has been involved in Brown Model UN since her first year; she’s chaired and directed for the Brown-organized high school conference (BUSUN). Last year, she was the Director of Media for BUCS and has decided to come back to the Secretariat for a wonderful second year. When she is not doing something related to BUCS, you can find Mandana working for Inventing Heron—a startup focused on creating a career exploration resource for young adults—studying in a coffee shop, creating new Spotify playlists or writing for Fashion@Brown. Mandana is pictured here during the summer of 2019 in Paris, France.

Shane Niesen

Director of Decorum

Shane Niesen (’20) is proud to serve as the Director of Decorum for BUCS IX. He is a senior from Diamondhead, Mississippi, concentrating in History with a focus on Modern Europe. He has participated in Model UN since his first year at Brown and has participated in all aspects of Brown University Model United Nations. When he's not doing MUN, he can be found working as a college applications consultant, learning German grammar, or making coffee. He looks forward to a wonderful BUCS in March!

Kyle Dunn

Director of Outreach

Kyle Dunn (‘22) is honored to be Director of Outreach for BUCS 2020! Kyle is a sophomore from the humid land of Houston, Texas. Despite occasionally dabbling in moral philosophy and ethics, his actual concentration is Applied - Math Economics, and he can’t wait to get up to shady finance related activities after graduation. Kyle is also the Head Delegate for Brown’s MUN Travel Team and has competed in college conferences across the country. He is pictured above riding a horse in Kauai, Hawaii.

Michael Chen

Director of Media

Michael Chen is a sophomore at Brown concentrating in International Relations and Economics. Michael is an Italian-born-Chinese and a polyglot who speaks five language. Michael started his MUN career in Europe, and chaired at The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) twice before joining Brown University Simulation of United Nations (BUSUN) and Brown University Crisis Simulation (BUCS). At BUCS, Michael is the Director or Media.

Grace Bramley-Simmons

Director of Technology

Grace Bramley-Simmons is excited to be the Director of Technology for BUCS 2020! Grace is a junior from Portland, Maine, studying computer science. She has been in Model UN since her first year, including crisis managing for both BUCS and BUSUN. In her free time, Grace likes to play board games, dance, and talk about philosophy. She apoligizes for whatever state the website is currently in.