The Secretariat (2017)

Belinda Zhou

Belinda Zhou - Secretary-General

Belinda Zhou ('17) is the Co-Secretary-General for BUCS 2017. She is a History concentrator from Queens, New York, and has been involved in Model UN since high school. Outside of MUN, she is an academic peer advisor for first-years and volunteers with a healthcare-oriented non-profit. She loves traveling (when possible) and watching foreign films. Belinda previously served at Director of Outreach for BUCS 2014 and as Director of Crisis Committees for BUSUN 2015, Brown's high school conference. She is extremely excited to return to BUCS this year and looks forward to working with the rest of the Secretariat to ensure an incredible delegate experience.

Barry Thrasher

Barry Thrasher - Secretary-General

Barry Thrasher ('18) is Co-Secretary General for BUCS 2017. He is a History & Economics concentrator from Jakarta, Indonesia. His Model UN experience extends back to his time overseas, participating in the Asian conference circuit, up until his second year at Brown. Besides Model UN, Barry is an avid value investor and loves to play intramural indoor soccer. After working at an edutech back in Indonesia, Barry is actively cultivating his interest in "high tech, high touch" startups in the B2C space. Barry has previously served as a Under-Secretary General for BUCS and a Director at BUSUN, and is looking forward to a memorable BUCS 2017.

Adam DeHovitz

Adam DeHovitz - Under-Secretary-General, Director of Technology

Adam DeHovitz ('19) is the Under-Secretary General as well as Director of Technology for this year's BUCS. Adam is a New Yorker enjoying his time here at Brown, where he studies Computer Science. When he's not overworked he enjoys biking, reading about History, and engaging in Model UN. Adam has been involved in Model UN since his freshmen year of high school, and has served roles including Crisis Director for BUCS 2016 and Crisis Director as well as Director of Technology for BUSUN 2016.

Isabel Gensler

Isabel Gensler - Director General

Isabel Gensler (‘19) is the Director General for BUCS 2017. Isabel is a sophomore hoping to concentrate in Political Science predictably from Washington, D.C. Isabel served as co-chair for Pirates of the Caribbean for BUCS 2016, and director for the European Union for Brown University Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN) 2015. She is also the Co-Director of Operations for BUSUN 2016. Isabel is also a senior staff writer for The Brown Daily Herald. Isabel interned in the communications shop as part of the press team for the Democratic National Convention this summer in Philadelphia.

Colette Bare

Colette Bare - Director of Outreach

Colette Bare (’19) is Director of Outreach for BUCS 2017. She is a mechanical engineering concentrator originally from Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Colette has been competing in Model UN since her freshman year of high school and loves Brown Model UN – from traveling to conferences to chairing at BUSUN and BUCS. Outside of MUN, you can find Colette working as a peer advisor, playing soccer with her intramural team, or volunteering with the Society of Women Engineers. Colette enjoys spending her few spare moments running the hills of Providence and working on the New York Times crossword puzzle. She can’t wait for BUCS 2017!


Gabriella Elanbeck - Director of Media

Gabriella Elanbeck '19 (AKA Merida) (occasionally AKA Melisandre) is the Director of Publications for BUCS 2017. Gaby is a sophomore hailing from Syosset, New York. She is concentrating in international relations with a focus in political economy. In the past, Gaby has been a crisis staffer at both BUSUN and BUCS, as well as a crisis manager for BUSUN. Outside of MUN, Gaby is involved in the Brown Political Review, the Brown Daily Herald, and Women in Business. When she's not living in the Rock, Gaby enjoys travel, art, speaking languages that aren't English, and searching for the best coffee in Providence.

Lily Zhao

Lily Zhao - Director of Decorum

Lily (Yiyu) Zhao (’18) is the Director of Decorum for BUCS 2017. Lily comes from Beijing, China, but has also lived in various other cities including Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Vancouver. Lily is planning to double concentrate in English Nonfiction Writing and Visual Arts, although she is also interested in psychology and economics. Outside of Model UN, Lily enjoys illustrating for the International Writers' Blog and serving as Secretary of the Chinese Students Association. She also serves as a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor. Lily loves to read and to travel. She has previously served as the Director of Outreach on the BUCS Secretariat and is looking forward to contributing to the conference in her capacity as Director of Decorum this year.